Sneak Peek - 2018 Programme Editorial! Well, What Do You Think?

“Strictly Come Dancing has no plans to include same-sex couples on the show this year.” said the BBC in August. And they’re not alone. The British Dance Council spent the summer considering whether to ban same-sex couples from all amateur and professional ballroom dancing competitions. Scarily, the BDC’s stated aim is to “...rationalise the world of social dance”. What?

2018 Festival Just Around The Corner!

We're in the final hectic stages of preparing for Dance Around The World 2018! The print programme is being put to bed right now, but the rest of us are keeping some late nights. There are lots of finishing touches... The programme is jam-packed with long-standing friends of the event and some exciting new-comers too. New this year: Japanese, Galician, Tibetan, Bulgarian groups Mereklii and Rusalii and Odissi dancers from the Bhavan Indian Arts Centre... We know that ots of you look out for your personal favourite performers. Check the programme by the following the link on the homepage.

2017 Programme Shaping Up!

Right! We're under way. The 2017 Dance Around The World Festival promises to be a packed and busy programme. We're still talking to performers, workshop teachers and dance leaders but we already know that both days will start at 10.00am sharp with 'Early bird' dancing. It will be non-stop after that until 11.00pm. Roughly speaking:

10.00am  Dancing for all

11.00 - 6.00pm Performances and workshops

7.00pm  Saturday - Latin-American evening (upstairs) and Balkan Dance Party (downstairs)

7.00pm  Sunday - Anglo International Ceilidh

2016 Programme Editorial Preview

What a summer it’s been! Even the most apolitical pragmatists have been obliged to reflect on the meaning and value of community. The result, we find, is that the opinion of the nation is pretty evenly polarised and no one knows what to do next. So, no change there! Certainly, uppermost in many people’s minds was concern for the prospects of young people. Our children face an uncertain future. Fortunately, our richly diverse communities contain at least part of the solution. Dance Around The World is just one of innumerable opportunities for cultural exchange.

2016 Festival Nearly Here!

Just three weeks to go to Dance Around The World 2016. The programmes for both days are on the site. Just go to Events and follow the links. As you'll see, we are looking forward to welcoming many long-standing friends of the event as well as some exciting newcomers to perform and teach. Both days are crazily busy. Our team of volunteers is getting ready to move in the technical infrastructure that supports the event over the two days. Spare a thought for the wonderful crew who will be setting up lighting and sound and rigging up floors and marquees.

It is getting close!

Dance Around the World 2015 is fast approaching, the programme is almost at the preliminary "final" stage. On Saturday evening in addition to the Latin American Spectacular there will be a Balkan dance hosted by Balkan Plus. On Sunday evening the Anglo/International dance will have music by the versatile Cloudburst band. At the same time there will be a French/Scandi Bal.

The 2015 Dance Around the World Festival is coming!

We are at work on the 2015 event. Advance tickets are now on sale and we are already getting replies from many performing groups. Get the dates in your diary, 24-25 October and plan to be part of Dance Around the World 2015.

Dance Around the World 2014 is even closer!

The programmes for Saturday and for Sunday and the programme for the Saturday evening Latin/American event are all available from the Events Page. These programmes have the times for the demonstrations and workshops though there are always last minute changes. There are also links on the home page. An updated poster is available on the bottom of the home page. The poster now lists the second events on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Dance Around the World 2014 is getting close!

Just a few weeks and Dance Around the World will again fill Cecil Sharp House. Many old friends will be there and there will be some new faces. Now that there is a lift to all floors we will have a wheel chair dance group. On Saturday evening the fantasic Latin/American happening will be upstairs while downstairs a French Ball will be hosted by the SOAS French Folk Dance Society. On Sunday night while the International dance is upstairs, there will be Swing Dancing downstairs hosted by Swing Patrol. Look on the Events page for a link to see a preliminary programme.

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